Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some of My Favorite Websites

I love shopping online. There is so much to choose from! Plus you get a package in the mail a few days later, and not much can top that. I especially like shopping online for cute new indie-ish stuff. There are a few websites in particular that I browse on an almost-daily basis. is God's gift to the internet. It is a website where anyone can sell anything handmade. Even cookies, which is awesome. You will find whatever you want on this site. Of course, since people are posting handmade items, some of the stuff is a little crappy. But you can find some real gems. Look at this cute Owl Messenger Bag I just bought! And it is so fun to see the range of ideas that people have about what a scarf looks like. And if you would rather make your stuff than buy it, go to Etsy to get ideas!

Another one of my favorites is ModCloth. And lucky for me, the company I just started working for does their website, so I get a discount! Yeah! I particularly love the birdie wall decals on the left and the coasters on the right. Susan and Eric do a perfect job of traveling around and picking out new items to sell. Great clothes too. Definitely check this one out.

Last for today is ShanaLogic. This website comprised a good percentage of my Christmas list this year. They have less clothes, but lots and lots of great art (below) and accessories. Some of their stuff can be a little pricey, like this $70 pillow. But a lot of it is pretty reasonable and totally worth the cost.

Next time you are bored at work or looking for something cute and different, check out these sites. I'm always looking for new stuff, so tell me your favorites too!

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