Monday, June 23, 2008

Fifteen Minutes of Absurdity

Today while I was radio surfing I heard a voice that makes me flinch. I decided to stop and listen for a minute, because he manages to get me so worked up sometimes that it is like a mini cardio workout.

On Rush's program he talked about how there is no explaining the idea of liberalism the same way there is no way to explain crazy. We are deranged. A boy called in and suggested that we sign on to the idea of global warming because we are putting our own fear of death onto the Earth. We are so self important that we believe that our life is tied into the Earth, therefore killing the Earth is like killing us.

Why is it so easy for Rush to say these things and stay at the top of the charts? Why do people listen to his gasps for breath between words and his grating voice and raspy chortles? I understand that there are loud members of the fringe on both sides, but it is disappointing that some of them manage to gather a large audience.

So, for all of you who, like me, believe in... no... understand the science behind global warming, rest assured that someone out there understands that your true purpose is to save yourself. I mean, after all, we are just deranged. There is no way to explain the insanity that is liberalism, right?

On the other hand, Limbaugh is as simple to explain as anything. He makes more money for being cruel and outlandish and making ridiculous statements than he does for saying something that resembles reality. The idea that any American voter should care that Barack Obama is not a true black person because he does not have slave blood is something that I do not understand. I sat there wondering why he would even bring that up. I am sure this helps his agenda in one way or another, but I guess it will take some time for me to figure out the steps between.

Thank God I only listened for fifteen minutes.

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